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India is a vast country from east to west and from north to south. Therefore it has different types of cuisines depending on the terrain, soil type and weather of a particular place. For instance the coastal regions eat rice as their staple food with variety of fish dishes and liberal use of coconut, whereas the landlocked northern region with its extreme climatic condition eat more of wheat flour, gram flour and vegetables. There are number of variation to this observation and that is why India can be termed as multi-cuisine country where you will taste entirely different cuisines as from one state to another. Some of the spices are common to all regions but more often you will find a totally different taste to a dish where common spices have been used. It is absolutely worthwhile to go on a culinary tour in a country like India where there is so much diversity in culinary art from one part of the country to another.

Though it is impossible to taste all types of local cuisine, in this tour you will be travelling through the country tasting North Indian and Mughlai food, Rajasthani food, Parsi food and South Indian dishes.



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Day 1
Mughlai and North Indian food

 Mughlai food is rich and it’s famous for its style and splendour. The liberal use of spices, dry fruits and butter lends grandeur to its taste. The best place to taste Mughlai cuisine is the capital city Delhi. The meat dishes rotated in tandoor and the various kinds of Kababs are simply mouth watering. The other types of North Indian food like Makki Ki Roti or Dal Makhni or Rogan Josh are rich with butter and ghee and contain lot of spices.


Day 2
Rajasthani cuisine

Rajasthan, the land of rough terrain and desert has some of the tastiest dishes in India. The people of this region have come up with recipes which are dictated by the hard geographical condition of the state. As the soil is barren and does not produce enough vegetables and the water is scarce, the food from this region is prepared with lot of thought as to their preservation and nutritional value. Millet and barley are two crops which grow well here and are used often. Also gram flour is a major ingredient. The dishes in this region use milk, butter milk, butter and other milk products to produce tasty meals. Also there are varieties of chutneys prepared with locally produced spices.


Day 3
Parsi food

 Parsi food is a mixture of Iranian style of cooking with Gujarati flavour. They mostly use an assortment of northwest Indian recipes and their basic food is rice with curry. The mixture of spices, vegetables, lentils and mutton producing one of the tastiest dishes in India- Dhansak, is eaten with brown rice and is simply heavenly.


Day 4
South Indian food

 South Indian food is the most popular in India and it can be found in any part of the country. This type of food is also now becoming popular in other parts of the world. The food specialty of South Indian cuisine lies in its simplicity and that is why it is extremely popular in all parts of India. The staple food here is rice which is mixed with dals to produce idli, dosa, utthapam etc. which are eaten with samabar, rasam, chutney and papad. There are large numbers of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes too.

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