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Exploring the Enticing Caves of Meghalaya

Caves enhance the natural beauty of Meghalaya; thinking about caves triggers a sense of enthusiasm and thrill of making way through dark and murky interiors. It could sound scary for those who are weak at the heart but can be a thrilling adventure and fun for others. 
Some of the caves here are the longest and deepest in the world. These caves are wonders of the nature and are in various formations. Cave fauna are also un-comparable and represent one of the important components of biodiversity. Krem Dam is the broadest sandstone cave in the Indian sub-continent. The only show Cave in Meghalaya is Mawsmai, stocked with light. Krem Lymput is rich with its calcite formations.  Krem Mawjymbuin, now known as a holy shrine since the entrance chamber of some 50 metres across and 4 metres high at its centre, has a large stalactite over a female stalagmite which gives an impression of a Shiva Lingam. 
East Khasi Hills, Jaintia Hills and the South Garo Hills are worth visiting to satisfy the explorer in you.

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