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Majuli - The adobe of nature's anonymity

Assam is known as the gateway towards the north east region of India. The famous river Brahmaputra which has its origin in Tibet flows through the place. Majuli is an  island in the middle of the Brahmaputra, and is the World’s largest river island. Connected via boats with the city of Jorhat, Majuli is a beautiful exotic location, yet unknown to most of the tourists in India. 
The scenic beauty is spectacular and awe-inspiring! It is a visible living tradition of the relationship between humans and nature relationship which has evolved over centuries. Many Vaishnava monasteries are present here. Unique combinations of the art forms like drama, art, music and literature can be seen here. 
Majuli has also been nominated for one of the places in UNESCO World’s Heritage List. The culture, mostly very locally defined due to high tribal population is quite unique and it has been referred as the cultural capital of Assam. The ideal time to visit Majuli is between October to March, however the monsoons are also quite beautiful in Majuli.

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