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Celebrate India! Anytime.

Indian Travel Promotion Company Pvt. Ltd. also referred as ITPL, was founded over twenty eight years ago with a belief in presenting India in a way that is unique, unexplored, and unhindered. ITPL, a complete Destination Management Company headed by Tony Marwah provides you with all the facilities whilst you are on your personal journey - the journey of a lifetime.

That's where ITPL comes in.

We draw on the knowledge and creativity of an incredible team of staff members to give an unforgettable experience of the rich cultural heritage of India from the Indus Valley to the Mughal era and finally the British Raj; and a lot more. Explore the desserts, relax on golden beaches, trek through Himalayas and enjoy the river rafting in wild rivers.

We specialize in matching unique people with unique places and in providing the expertise and (unobtrusive) support that allows them to experience those places fully, at first hand and in their own personal style. This requires a unique combination of local knowledge that only ITPL is equipped to provide. We have a captive fleet of luxury vehicles of all sizes, multi lingual staff that have travelled and researched the products offered and a fully automated office.

Welcome and Celebrate Incredible India Anytime!

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